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Pre-Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)  FAQs

You are taking the first steps to becoming a professional through your program at Conestoga College.

Realizing your vision of having a high performing career in your field of choice requires that you start your program having met the same safety and health (if applicable) requirements that are mandatory for new employees in your field. The WIL Document requirements that are mandatory for your program can be found under the WIL Document Forms tab within the myConestoga WIL Document Services community.

As a future professional in your chosen career, you may need to be able to demonstrate that:

  1. You have a clear police check for vulnerable persons. This is the first implication for you of provincial regulations governing work in health care and community service organizations.
  2. Your immunizations are current for your safety and the safety of people in your care.
  3. Your TB status is known and allows you to work safely with others and that you will have baseline information for yourself should you encounter a person with TB in the workplace.
  4. You have a current First Aid and CPR certificate (at the level appropriate to your career), so that you can be a resource to persons in need.
  5. You have been respirator fit tested so that you will be ready to work safely in the event of an infectious situation (if applicable).

Your program includes a WIL experience in your course of studies; employers request that you have met the above requirements before you come to their organization. You will be emailed a “WIL Document Package” to your college email and home email (if available).

Most importantly, your plan to be a graduate and embark on your chosen career depends on completing this WIL experience - we do not want these plans to end because you failed to meet the above requirements!

  1. Why do I need a Health Passport?
    • The Health Passport is proof to the college and WIL employers that you have met the pre-WIL health and safety requirements.
    • This document ensures that you have met the safety and health requirements expected of individuals providing care or service in each organization.
    • You may be asked to show your Health Passport to a WIL site as proof of having met their requirements.

  2. What happens if I cannot go to my WIL experience?
    • If you cannot complete the WIL course(s) of your program, you will not be able to graduate from the program.

  3. When does the Health Passport need to be completed?
    • Each program has a specific due date to allow for processing prior to the WIL experience; your requirements due date is indicated in your emailed package and on the forms applicable to the program.
    • You must start completing your program specific WIL Document requirements as soon as you receive your package as it may take you 6-12 weeks to complete.

  4. As a student, what are my responsibilities?
    • Refer to the requirements package that was emailed to you.
    • Make arrangements to complete requirements based on Forms A, B, C, D, E (with your doctor or health care professional, or other service providers).
    • NOTE: Not all programs require all forms to be completed (see your Welcome Letter/Checklist for your program requirements).
    • Keep all original supporting documentation (for your records).
    • As you complete a form requirement, submit all documentation online only, through the myConestoga document submission tool. NOTE: We strongly encourage you to submit forms as they are completed (rather than as one completed package) to allow ample time for review and follow up as needed.

  5. How do I obtain a Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check (Form A)?
    • Visit your local police service and request a "Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check" prior to the pre-WIL Document requirements deadline for your program. There is a cost associated with this service and that is the responsibility of the student. Note: This request may take up to 12 weeks.
    • If you live in an area that is serviced by the OPP, please contact WIL Document Services for the required form ( or 519-748-5220 ext. 3101).
    • For Niagara Police Services, please contact WIL Document Services for the required form ( or 519-748-5220 ext. 3101).
    • For Toronto Police Services, you will require the Toronto Consent to Disclosure form; please contact WIL Document Services for the required form ( or 519-748-5220 ext. 3101).
    • To be eligible for WIL experience(s), you must not have been convicted of any criminal offence for which you have not been pardoned. If your police check is “not clear” due to an offence that is criminal in nature, you are advised to meet with the Program Chair for academic counselling to determine program suitability and WIL eligibility. Offences under the Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act of Canada:

  6. Regarding health requirements, what could I be asked for?

    Depending on your specific program health requirements, you may be asked for proof of immunization, laboratory blood test results and non-medical requirements below: (if applicable)

    • Measles/mumps/rubella (MMR)
    • Varicella/chickenpox
    • Hepatitis B
    • Tetanus/diptheria/pertussis (Tdap)
    • Tuberculin Testing (TB)
    • Influenza vaccine
    • Mask fit testing
    • Please bring your Immunization form (Form B) with you when you get your vaccinations so that your physician/health care professional can sign off on the form directly.

    Your program may also have a requirement for a current certification in CPR/First Aid.

    • Standard First Aid
    • CPR level C or HCP or BLS or ACLS (depending on program of study)

    Provincially, with the concerns of a potential pandemic, the workforce in health care organizations or persons who are providing care are required to complete respirator fit testing. It is recommended that you complete testing at the college, as we ensure to fit test you based on the mask(s) applicable to your WIL site/facility. Additional information about this requirement will be provided at your program orientation.

  7. How long will it take me to complete the WIL Document forms (Forms A, B, C, D, E)?
    • If laboratory reports are required or if immunizations are not complete, it could take 6-12 weeks.
    • Note: The RCMP has also set new mandates that can possibly prolong your wait time in receiving your criminal reference check. If your Date of Birth and Gender match another individual in the Sex Offender Database, your fingerprints will be required to complete your check. If flagged it will take up to 120 days to receive your Vulnerable Sector Check. There will also be an extra cost charged by the police agency to obtain fingerprints.

  8. Tuberculin testing (Form C)
    • This may be done at Conestoga College, at your Doctor’s office, at a local Urgent Care or Walk-in Clinic or through your local public health unit. Please note: The TB test cannot be done for 30 days after a measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) or Varicella (chickenpox) shot.
    • Please bring your Immunization form (Form C) with you when you get your TB test so that your health care professional can sign off on the form directly.
    • For TB skin testing at Conestoga College, please search in the WIL Document Services Community on myConestoga for dates and times. Students can register through their portal or at the registrar's office with course code HEAL0080.

  9. If required, where can I take the required Standard First Aid and CPR level course(s)?
    • You may take the required courses through Conestoga College. Information and schedules are also available in the CPR/First Aid folder under the WIL Document Forms tab on myConestoga.

    • Conestoga College offers a discounted student rate for Standard First Aid and CPR through Red Cross. To receive the discounted student rate you must complete the part-time registration form for course HEAL1400, HEAL1410 or HEAL1420 and mail to the registrar’s office or register in person at the registrar’s office. The discounted student rate will NOT be applied if you register online. Please email if you have any questions.

    • If you take the First Aid course(s) from another provider, please ensure that it is the appropriate level course (minimum Standard First Aid) and that it was completed no earlier than four months prior to the start of your program.
    • After you complete the requirement, submit the documentation online only, through the MyConestoga  document submission tool.

  10. If required, where can I have my respirator fit testing done?
    • Once your Program Coordinator/Placement Officer has advised you of your WIL site, you will need to arrange to be fit tested. Please refer to the respirator fit testing information in the Respirator Fit Testing tab on MyConestoga for additional information, or contact Please note that respirator fit testing is only required if you are attending a hospital or Long-Term Care facility for your WIL.

  11. Why do my health forms need to be reviewed by Conestoga College’s WIL Nurse Technologist?
    • Conestoga College's WIL Nurse Technologist reviews your confidential medical and non-medical information and then gives notification of your clearance status to your Program Coordinator/Placement Officer for WIL requirements. The WIL Nurse Technologist can answer any questions you may have about the health requirements/testing, as well as provide direction when medical requirements results are unclear. WIL Document Services will only release a "clear" or "not clear" status to Conestoga College. The college requires this information for WIL planning e.g. Placement Officer’s, and all other information will be kept confidential.

  12. Where do I submit the pre-WIL forms (Forms A, B, C, D) and documents when finished?
    • Submit all documentation online only, through the MyConestoga document submission tool. Students should submit each requirement as they are completed. Do not wait for all your requirements to be done.
    • The online submission option can be found in myConestoga / WIL Document Services / select the drop down box / scroll to “Document Submission”. You will be in the H.S.Trax Document Submission page. Directions will be emailed out with your student WIL Documents forms.
    • Each form for requirements will have a document category to upload the document into.

  13. Who is responsible for the health form costs?
    • The cost of completing the requirements is the responsibility of the student entering the program.

  14. How much will this cost me?
    • Costs will be dependent upon each student's needs. Doctor notes, x-rays, laboratory blood work report and immunization may be free of charge or a charge applied by your doctor's office; this is up to your doctor and NOT the college.
    • Your invoice from Conestoga College will contain a fee for the services provided by the school to certify that you have met these requirements and to provide you with a “Health Passport” for your records.

  15. What happens if some information on my forms is missing?
    • You will be emailed at your student email account to inform you of what is missing, and you will be required to complete the missing information and resubmit documents prior to your WIL experience.

  16. What happens when my WIL Document forms are "cleared"?
    • Your Program Coordinator/Placement Officer will be notified as to your "cleared" status and will notify and assign students to their WIL experience. Students will not be eligible for any WIL experience until you have a “clear” status.

  17. I have misplaced my WIL Documents Package. Where can I get one?
    • The WIL Document requirements for your program are accessible through the WIL Document Forms tab within the myConestoga WIL Document Services community. Please contact the WIL Document Services office at or ext. 3101 if you have any questions regarding your pre-WIL requirements.
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