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The construction of new buildings and reconstruction of existing structures is accommodated within Facilities Management. The total process involved in undertaking physical changes is included at all levels of detail. This includes planning documentation, tendering/ quoting processes and overall project management.

Facility Management will, in certain such projects, have a co-accountability with other persons, departments or areas regarding the initial and general planning, data capture and development of a building program. The maintenance and renewal of all structures and building systems owned or leased by Conestoga College includes:

  1. External building structures including walls, roofs, floors, floor slabs, windows, etc
  2. Internal building structures including walls, doors, floor coverings, ceilings, elevators and lifts, etc
  3. Building systems including the electrical power, water, gas, heating and cooling, etc
  4. Systems and structures ancillary to buildings including parking lots, external lighting, walkways and roads, storm water management, fencing, signage, etc

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