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Future OSAP Loans

OSAP Application Update: Change to Study Period or Program

If you are changing your program of study or need to lengthen your study period for the current academic year, OSAP requires the following:

In each situation, you need to meet all the regular requirements for OSAP. You also have to be taking at least a 20 per cent course load for part-time OSAP or at least 60 per cent for full-time OSAP (at least 40 per cent if you have a permanent disability).

If you do not have OSAP for the year and are taking at least a 60 per cent course load (at least 40 per cent if you have a permanent disability), follow the regular application process for OSAP and select the appropriate start date.

OSAP Coverage for Co-op Term

If you are unable to obtain a paid co-op position or if your co-op earnings are insufficient to meet your living expenses, you may be considered for OSAP funding. Apply for OSAP online for that term and indicate on the application that you are on co-op during that time. OSAP will assess your costs and resources accordingly. If you are in a paid co-op position, your resources are usually too high compared to your costs which makes you ineligible for OSAP funding.

Reapplying for OSAP

You will need to reapply for OSAP each year if you require financial assistance. The application is updated every year and posted on the OSAP website around mid-April (for the next September-August period).

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