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Human Resources

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Human Resources Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
Document Name Effective Date Revised / Reviewed Related Documents Effective Date Revised / Reviewed
Accommodation for Employees with Disabilities 7/17/2007 4/14/2014
E-mail, Voice Mail and Corporate Calendar Policy 9/1/2010 E-mail, Voice Mail and Corporate Calendar Guidelines 9/1/2010
Employee Code of Conduct Policy 5/1/2009 8/29/2014
Protection of Human Rights Policy 1/1/2005 6/24/2013 Human Rights Complaint Form 1/1/2005 6/24/2013
Human Rights Procedure 1/1/2005 6/24/2013 Human Rights Respondent Form 1/1/2005 6/24/2013
Standard Hours of Operation Policy 5/2/2011 5/2/2011
Social Media Guidelines for Conestoga Employees August 2014
Tuition Assistance Policy 10/1/2009 12/10/2014 Tuition Assistance Procedure 10/1/2009 12/10/2014
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